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Welcome to Rockskins
Welcome to Rockskins

Why Choose Rockskins Professional Drum Wraps And Instrument Coverings

Rockskins professional drum wraps have been created for drummers particularly in mind so they can express themselves and get their desired look for their set. Whether it be a nice graphic for a world tour, or maybe designed for a one-night-only special gig, or simply just to have that "signature" look that nobody has but you.

Choose from a wide variation of beautiful graphics to choose from, ranging from simple to more complex ones depending on your taste. Can't find the right design from our collection? We're more than happy to get your desired graphics. All you need to do is submit your logo, preferred graphics, photos, or any other ideas you may have. Our team will work closely with you to make sure that we get the design right and hassle-free! With more than 35 years of graphics and printing experience, our company has a talented team of artists and strangers, who are trained to work under pressure and even during tight deadlines. Do you have a last-minute request? Don't worry - we can do it! Our powerhouse team will deliver what you want, whenever you wanted it. Looking for inspiration or can't find anything? Check our wide range of drum wraps collection designs.

Impeccable Customer Experience

With more than 35 years in the industry, Rockskins have been creating beautiful products that you know you can rely on. From drum wraps to other instrument wraps, banners, backdrops for show promotions, bass drum graphics, and other "customized" skins, we can turn those vision into a reality.

We take pride in doing everything from our end. Our graphics and printing team are both in-house, which means that we can get it done for you from start to finish. Our wide range of services for all drummers and musicians means that you don't have to go looking for other companies for your needs. Impeccable customer service is another thing we're proud of, which includes closely communicating with clients. Musicians trust our service and we make sure that you'll not just receive a beautifully wrapped pair of drumsticks, but also durable ones too. 

Drum Wraps

Our extensive collection of design categories include metal, camouflage, and many others. Feel free to choose from our collection and get the chance to instantly transform your drum kits to instantly match your band's style, and to express yourself. This has been proven to pique your fans' interest and attention. We create our drum wraps with durability and design in mind, which means that they won't fade with the digital printing technology, partnered with UV-resistant inks. Not only that it'll make your kit look cool, but we're going to make sure that your kit remains sturdy, ready for the long use. While changing kits are inevitable, stop worrying about having to repaint it - instead, turn to us and purchase a new set of Rockskins to save you time and energy.

Our happy customers from different parts of the world have quickly upgraded their drums' design and overall look with Rockskins without having to worry about the sound quality. We have a simple DIY process that will always keep your set protected, and easy to apply at the same time. No residues to worry - which means you can quickly change skins depending on your mood!

Regardless if you're a professional drummer, a band member, a part of an orchestra or just playing music with your friends, let us here at Rockskins provide you the best experience by helping you provide the best skins you can have.

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